Field Consultant Coaching

Making a Difference

Good field consultants can make or break your business. To the franchise owners, they are the face of the corporate team. They must be an expert in your business system – part coach and part company representative. They are helping your franchisees grow, listening to their problems and offering practical solutions. They may also function as a compliance manager with the primary function of protecting the brand.

Field representatives have a rough road.  They are often road warriors who spend many weeks away from the corporate culture.  They perform a daily balancing act between representing the interests of the franchisor and franchisee.

A great field representative:

  • Builds strong relationships with franchisees.
  • Increases revenues by offering sales coaching.
  • Solves problems to help franchisees increase profitability.
  • Protects your brand by ensuring compliance.
  • Strengthens validation in your system.

A mediocre representative may achieve inconsistent results and fail to spot potential problems.  A poor field representative can create ill will, poor validation and occasional law-suits.

Protect your system by hiring the best field representatives and then giving them the tools and training they need to shine for you.

Are your field managers improving your system?

We can help you identify the best skill sets for effective field teams, then help you put your team together and define their role.

Fairfield Business Solutions offers the training and coaching to help your existing team sharpen the skills they need to build successful relatonships, improve franchisee performance and protect your brand.

Contact us today to lear how we can help.

From Zero to Profitable in Six Months

What is the actual difference a good field representative can make in both revenues and profitability?  Let’s look at Jack’s story.  Jack was brimming with excitement when he was awarded his franchise.  He felt that the business had so much promise, that he brought his newly hired manager to the initial training program, so they both could take notes.  Jack then spent the next six months, trying, unsuccessfully to get his business moving.  He thought he was doing everything by the book and reached out to the operations team on a regular basis.  However, after six months, he had generated very little income –certainly not enough to begin supporting himself or his manager.

Bev, the company’s field rep was not looking forward to her visit with Jack.  She had not met him before, but they had spoken on the phone.  Whenever she talked to him, he complained about not getting the support he needed.  The support team, in turn, said that Jack ‘just didn’t get it.”  One team member said she would be surprised if he made it through his first year.

The Visit

When Bev met Jack and his team, she was pleasantly surprised.  They were warm and welcoming and committed to making their new venture a success.  She spent two days with Jack and more time than usual demonstrating sales techniques.  Bev pointed out some compliance concerns and then showed the manager how to rectify them.  When she came home, she stayed in close contact with Jack – reinforcing the on-site training over a three month period.

The Results

Between month six and month nine, Jack increased his revenues by 400% and had resolved his compliance issues.  By the end of his first year, he was earning six figures.  His business was profitable and he later became a very successful multi-unit owner.

What made the difference?  A savvy field representative who understood Jack’s learning style and took an interest in helping him to succeed.   According to Bev, “Jack was a kinesthetic learner who needed hands-on training.  I lost count of how many ‘light bulb moments’ he experienced when we were together. ” Jack corroborates Bev’s account.  “When Bev showed me what to do, it finally all made sense.”

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