FranchisesFairfield Business Solutions offers a unique package of services options specifically designed to help franchises:  both franchisors and franchisees. With more than two decades experience working with franchises we understand the challenges of building a successful franchise concept and can help you at the corporate level or work with your franchises one-on-one and at conferences.


Motivate | Captivate | Resonate

Make your annual conference an event to remember with a speaker who will captivate and hold the interest of your franchise partners, resonate with their situation and motivate them to take action.  We work with franchise systems to help reinforce their message, while bringing fresh approaches to implementation that will excite your franchisees.  Learn More


We can help you to build a robust training program for your franchisees. You know your system and how to make it work. You have probably hired a director of training to teach it.  But sometimes your franchisees just don’t seem to implement the processes you have provided in a manner that is conducive to growth – for them and for you.  There are a number of reasons why most franchise training does not meet the needs of most franchisees.  We can help you to strengthen your training department and offer individual coaching for struggling franchisees.

Mystery Shopping

Do your franchisees communicate the right messages to prospects?  Are they adhering to your brand standards?  Our mystery shopping program will help you to understand where your franchisee need additional coaching or training.  Our professional mystery shoppers will give you the insight you need to strengthen your entire system.

Validation Mystery Shops

Strong validation is the key to franchise development.  Happy franchisees refer new franchisees to you and are your best advocates when a potential franchisee is interested your offering.  However, the comments a franchisee makes during a validation call may inadvertently sink the whole deal. Our Mystery Validation Shops will help you find out what your franchisees are actually saying lay the foundation for improving your validation.

Field Representative Coaching

Good field representatives can make or break your business.  When they are good coaches, they help you improve revenues and franchisees improve profitability.  A skilled field representative will build relationships with franchisees that boost your validation, while protecting your brand by ensuring compliance.  Learn how our Field Team Coaching program can help you with revenues, profits and relationships that will help your system grow from the inside out.

Operational Support

When your franchisees do well, the entire system becomes stronger.  Are your support teams aligned in practice with the services your sales team is promising?  Are your systems standardized and easy to follow?  Are communications between franchisors and franchisees as strong as they could be?  Strong operational support systems can make or break any franchising system – whether it is established or just beginning to grow.  Learn why many franchisees fail and how Fairfield Business Solutions can help you to integrate your support systems with your sales processes.

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