Franchisee Training

Question: How do you know when learning has learning occurred?

Answer:  When there is a change in behavior.

The there are many reasons why traditional training does not work, even when provided by a skilled instructor.  Most training models follow the paradigm that we learned in school.  The problem with that model is that adults learn very differently from children.

Adults, in general, and franchisees, in particular need training that is timely, specific, granular and applicable.  Training must appeal to visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners who may be a part of your group.  An experienced facilitator knows how to incorporate training styles for all types of learners into the programming to get the best results.

Fairfield Business Solutions offers a variety of programs that can help you from remote-learning webinars to on-site workshops and regional conferences.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you improve your programs or offer topic-specific programs to help your trainees.

Workshops and Webinars

Below is a sampling of the many workshops that are available for your team.  All topics can be customized for content and adjusted to fit a variety of time frames.

Training the Trainer

Adults learn very differently from children, yet companies often approach training the way most of us learned in high school and college.  This workshop will help you to build the programs and learn the training techniques that ensure that learning occurs in a creative, exciting and enjoyable manner.

The Subtle Science of Sales

This series of workshops and webinars will help your sales team learn every aspect of selling.  Mix and match the topics that your team needs or focus on one aspect of the selling process.  Modules include:  Effective Prospecting, Rapport Building, Identifying Prospects’ needs, The Importance of Objections in the Sales Process, Effective Closes, Critical Follow-up and How to Measure Results.

Turning the Toughest Customers into Devoted Clients

Every business has them – those difficult to please customers who never seem to be satisfied.  In this workshop, your team will learn how to assuage angry customers and have interactions where everyone feels better about the situation.

Interviewing Techniques

Learn how to getting the most from your interviews in this series of workshops that can be delivered during a one-day workshop or in a series of webinars.  Learn techniques for identifying candidates with the specific skills that your organization need, interviewing skills, screening an superb start-up.

Super Charge Your Annual Conferences

Pump up the volume at your next annual conference with a guest speaker who will present cutting edge material designed for your industry, reinforce your message and engage your franchisees in a lively, interactive experience. From keynote speaking to hands-on workshops, your franchisees will leave feeling energized and ready to use their new skills.

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