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While most training programs are linear, our lives and businesses are not. For example, if you are focusing on bringing in referrals, you may soon find yourself scrambling for caregivers or looking for tools to turn prospects into paying clients.

Our home care coaching program gives you the ability to access information from all of our training workshops: Community Outreach, Internal Sales, Recruiting Caregivers, Marketing and Customer Service. With options priced for every budget, you will receive a monthly combination of coaching calls or training workshops for you or your team and videos for your learning library.

Our home care coaching also has a drop-in, drop-out option to give you the ultimate flexibility in a home care coaching program. We understand that your needs change from month-to-month and sometimes you need more (or less) help. That’s why our home care coaching program will grow with you by giving you the option of increasing or decreasing the amount of coaching that you need. You can switch between plans each month and choose from whichever program fits your needs at the time.

Our Just in Time Home Care Coaching Program Provides

Access to All of Our Training Workshops:  

What You Need When You Need It Most

Community Outreach

Internal Sales

Caregiver Recruiting

Client Retention

Identifying Key Referral Sources Turning Prospects Into Paying Clients Winning Advertisements Building the Client Relationship
Getting Past the Gatekeeper Finding and Communicating Your Differentiator Caregiver Referral Programs Crossing the Generational Divide
Referral-Focused Outreach Connecting with Prospects Correctly Sequenced Interview Processes Providing Services in a Client-Centered manner
Objections Help Seal the Deal Dynamic Discovery Crystal Ball Interviewing Strategies for Caregiver Placement
Building Relationships to Gain Referrals Managing Objections Credentialing Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
Community Events Turning Home Visits into a Sales Tool Caregiver Onboarding Creating Opportunities to Build Hours
Using Speaking to Drive Business Closing the Sale Caregiver Retention Satisfying Tough Clients
Building an Online Presence Key Metrics and Lost Leads Building Training Programs Client Referrals, Reviews and Testimonials

Out of the Box Solutions Within Your Budget!

Choose Topics From Any of Our Home Care Coaching Programs

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