Home Care Mystery Shopping

Do You Know What Your Competitors are Telling Prospects?

Our Home Care Mystery Shopping Program Will Help You Find Out!

Every day the home care market is becoming increasingly more crowded, with dozens (if not hundreds) of choices for prospects. This means that you need to be on target with your messaging, pricing and service.  Our home care mystery shopping program helps you navigate the competitive landscape in your area market.

Mystery Shop QuoteWill your prospects choose you or your competition?

  • Do your competitors market against you?
  • How are they handling live in caregivers?
  • Do they take deposits?
  • Is there a nurse on board?
  • How well do they sell?

How does your team stack up?

  • If you are not getting all the business you want . . .
  • If you are not converting prospects into paying clients . . .
  • If you find yourself losing business to a competitor . . .
  • Then you are probably frustrated.  And you should be, but we can help.

Can you effectively convey what makes you different?

Do you offer a service your competitors do not? Are you priced correctly for your market? Do you have a policy in place that could hinder your growth?

In today’s overcrowded market, the only way to win business is to understand the competitive landscape.  And the only way to truly understand your market is to conduct a thorough competitor mystery shop. But this time-stealing project can take key team members away from the core tasks of finding caregivers, filling cases and running your business. Our experienced decoys can complete this time-consuming work for you and give you a comprehensive analysis of your market and recommendations for your team.

“We have had an excellent experience working with Fairfield Business Solutions and its principle, Fiona Middleton.  The project was completed in a timely and effecient manner and exceeded our expectations.  We believe that any business in our industry would greatly benefit from working with Fiona and her company.”

Vladimir Zarkhin, President,Right at Home West Boston.

Our Home Care Mystery Shopping Program Gives You the Edge You Need

Our Home Care Mystery Shopping Program gives you a unique understanding of your local area market that you can’t find anywhere else. Why?  Because we dig deeper and ask the tough questions that you want us to ask.  Our comprehensive home care mystery shopping analysis will let you know exactly where you stand in relation to your competitors.   You will get an in depth look at their policies, areas of differentiation and how they take their prospects through their sales process.

But that’s not all!  We follow up each home care mystery shopping analysis with a complimentary consulting call that focuses on YOU!  We will tell you what you can do to gain that much-needed competitive edge and discuss best practices in the industry.  If you like, we can even shop your agency to give you an objective picture of where you can shore up your resources.

You work hard to make the phone ring. Make sure your team is getting the most from each call.  Click on the link below to request a free sample of our Competitor Home Care Mystery Shopping Report.


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