Home Care Sales Training

Need Home Care Referrals?  Look No Further!

Finally a Home Care Sales Training Program for Community Outreach and Inside Sales Created by one of America’s Leading Home Care Experts

Home care agencies are dealing with newer and tougher challenges:

  • Being a stand-out in an increasingly crowded industry
  • Getting past the gatekeeper and in the door to key referral sources
  • Obtaining new client referrals from healthcare professionals
  • Finding ways to reach and resonate with prospective clients and their families.
  • Fielding industry-specific objections
  • Converting prospects into paying clients.

More Choices for Prospects | Limited Access to Referrers

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate your home care company from the dozens (or even hundreds) of competitors in your market? Is just getting in the door to meet a new professional referral source a challenge? Is it becoming more difficult to persuade prospects to sign up for service? If  are frustrated because increased competition in your market is making it difficult to attract and retain new clients, this home care sales training program may be the most valuable investment that you make this year.

Proven Results

  • Tried and true sales techniques for prospects and referrals
  • Answers for today’s difficult questions
  • Solutions to common objections
  • Tips for community outreach and presentations
  • Performance improvement for your entire team

Our 20+ years experience of home care sales training and coaching can give you the edge you need today. Created by Home Care Sales Training expert, Fiona F. Middleton, we have solutions to your home care sales training problems.

Home Care Sales Training Overview

Our home care sales training workshop series can be brought directly on-site to your location or you and your team can learn at your desktop.  Click Here for Home Care Sales Training Workshop Series Overview and Content

  • A new workshop each week.
  • Access to live weekly coaching calls with home care expert, Fiona Middleton, MSM to answer your specific questions
  • Tip sheets, handouts and how-to guides
  • Bonus content

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