Home Care Sales Workshop Series Overview

Home Care Sales Workshop Series Overview

Home Care Sales WorkshopOur home care sales workshop series can be delivered in one of two ways:  on-site with an experienced home care coach who works with your team or on-line through our videos and webinars.  Many home care companies choose to enhance their training with our home care sales coaching program.

When we deliver our home care sales workshop series on-site, you will receive one-one-one, customized coaching.  We work directly with your team to provide training, support and guidance.  Participants can begin to apply their new learning and receive immediate feedback and course correction from their coach.  As a follow-up to the on-site experience, you will receive all the videos from our on-line home care sales workshop series for your learning library.

Our on-line home care sales workshop series is an eight-week course of study delivered with a combination of on-line videos and live webinars.  Each week, a new video is released.  Several days later, participants may log onto a live webinar to discuss the content of the video, ask questions and focus learning on their unique situation.

Home Care Sales Workshop 1:  Establishing Your Key Differentiator

Includes an update of the home care industry, including trends and challenges.  Learn how to identify your key differentiator and communicate a message that resonates with your prospects.

Home Care Sales Workshop 2: Convincing the Gatekeeper To Let You In

Are you frustrated trying to get past difficult gate keepers to get face time with key referral prospects? Perhaps your challenge is figuring out who you should talk to in the first place!  This workshop will provide creative approaches to identifying prospects, using your network to its full advantage, getting the gatekeeper to open the door, pitfalls that will sink your efforts and reasons to revisit.

Home Care Sales Workshop 3: The Outreach Process

You got past the gatekeeper, met with the professional referrer and all seemed to go well . . . except that you never actually got any referrals from them.  In this workshop, we take a deep dive into the sales process:  effective goal-setting, using a referral-centered approach, tips for effective meetings, and clever closes.

Home Care Sales Workshop 4: Objections Can Help You Close the Sale

Objections can occur at any point the the sales process and may come from the professional referral source, the prospect or a family member.  As much as most people dislike objections, you actually need to hear them if you want to move the prospect to a close.  Learn the seven types of objections, why you need them and how to handle them.

Home Care Sales Workshop 5: Turning Prospects into Paying Clients

How many of your prospects actually turn into clients?  You have worked hard to make the phone ring, but if you are not able to convert your prospects into clients, it was all for naught.  In this two-part workshop, you will learn how to understand and immediately connect with your prospects , understand how to conduct dynamic discovery, learn to communicate your value proposition and take prospects to the next step by scheduling a home visit.

Home Care Sales Workshop 6: Home Visits: to Close the Sale

There is so much to do when you visit the prospect:  papers to sign, policy’s to explain, perhaps you even assist the prospect with making sure their home is safe.  But first you need to seal the deal.  Have you gone to all the trouble of making a visit, only to have the prospect sign up with another agency?  Home visits are an integral part of the sales process and we will teach you how to make them work for you.

Home Care Sales Workshop 7: Building the Relationship with Referrals

Getting in the door to visit professional referral sources is only the first step in the process.  To stay top of mind, it is critical to build a strong and lasting relationship.  In this workshop, you will learn how to build on the first meeting so that you can create a steady stream of referrals.

Home Care Sales Workshop 8: Additional Marketing Tactics

While outreach to professional referral sources is the bread and butter of building your business, you must also find ways to reach prospects directly.  This workshop reviews best practices for improving visibility, reaching prospects directly and building an on-line presence.

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