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Home Care Sales Training

Home care sales, marketing and outreach professionals are facing tougher challenges than ever before:

Home Care Sales Training

  • Getting past progressively vigilant gatekeepers.
  • Differentiating services in an increasingly crowded industry.
  • Reaching prospective clients and decision-makers directly.
  • Navigating objections to convert more prospects into clients.

With 20+ Years of Home Care Experience, We Can Help

Our Selling Home Care Workshops provide you with proven sales methods. answers for today’s difficult questions, solutions to common objections, tips for community outreach and presentations and improved performance improvement for your entire team.  Read More about our Home Care Sales Training

Home Care Competitor Mystery Shopping:

Home Care Sales

Know Your Competitors

We know what your competitors are doing.  Do you?  Every day the home care market is becoming increasingly more crowded, with dozens (if not hundreds) of choices for prospects. This means that you need to be on target with your messaging, pricing and service. Do you know what your competitors are telling your prospects . . . about themselves, about the industry or about you?

What are your key differentiators?  Do you offer a service your competitors do not? Are you priced correctly for your market? Do you have a policy in place that could hinder your growth? The only way to truly understand your market is to conduct a thorough competitive shop. But this time-stealing project can take key team members away from the core tasks of finding caregivers, filling cases and running your business. Our experienced decoys can complete this time-consuming work for you and give you a comprehensive analysis of your market and recommendations for your team.

Learn More about our Home Care Competitor Mystery Shopping

Home Care Coaching Program

Home Care SalesAccess all of our training workshops and coaching programs: home care coaching delivered at Your Pace on the Topics You Need to Grow Your Business.  While most training programs are linear, our lives and businesses are not. For example, if you are focusing on bringing in referrals, you may soon find yourself scrambling for caregivers or looking for tools to turn prospects into paying clients.

Our home care coaching program gives you the ability to access information from all of our training workshops: Community Outreach, Internal Sales, Recruiting Caregivers, Marketing and Customer Service. With options priced for every budget, you will receive a monthly combination of coaching calls or training workshops for you or your team and videos for your learning library.  Learn more about our home care coaching program.

Home Care Caregiver Recruiting

Without the right caregivers, your home care business will not grow. If you:

  • Caregiver RecruitingConstantly interview and screen caregivers, but never seem to have enough to fill open cases
  • Are having ongoing conversations with caregivers about no-shows, call-outs or inappropriate behavior
  • Always seem to be filling and re-filling the same cases
  • Then you are probably frustrated that staffing problems are preventing your business from growing.
  • Our proven systems for recruiting, screening and hiring the right caregivers can help you.

Take the guesswork our of recruiting and hiring with step-by-step methods, tools and techniques.  We will teach you how to write winning advertisements and implement an effective referral program that will attract the best caregiver candidates to you home care team.  By helping you develop a correctly sequenced screening process, with streamlined interviewing techniques, you will be increase your pool of available caregivers who show up on their cases on time and take care of your clients the way you want.

Learn More about our Home Care Recruiting Programs

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