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From marketing plans to help you build your brand to ongoing coaching services, we will help your prospects find you.  Let’s face it – you can provide the best service in the world, but if no one knows you are out there, your business won’t grow.  Fairfield Business Solutions provides an array of integrated services designed to GET RESULTS!

Marketing Plans | Coaching | Mystery Shopping | Corporate Training

Marketing PlansReview TD

Companies need innovative ways to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive environment. Fairfield Business Solutions specializes in helping service businesses design fresh marketing strategies to acquire and maintain a competitive business edge.

Coaching and Consulting

One of the best secrets to success is having a firm understanding of the best way to do the job. As a business owner, you may be an expert in providing services, but need some help in marketing execution.  We often find top notch employees who have never received any formal just need some formal training to be successful. We teach marketing strategies to an organization in a manner that is enjoyable and effective.  We have a topic to fit your needs: , whether it is sales, customer service, interviewing or one of the many other key functions in the organization.

 Mystery Shopping

Your successful marketing strategy depends on understanding your service area.  Use our competitor mystery shops to obtain a better understanding of your marketplace and how your team functions in it. Our team works with you to identify key industry and service components that you would like to measure. We create a brief survey and our decoy will ‘shop’ 10-12 of your competitors. In addition, we can mystery shop your team. The resulting analysis shows your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and shows how your company and sales team stacks up in comparison.

Sales Coaching

Sales techniques that worked a few years ago may not be as effective in today’s tricky economy. Our proven techniques ensure that your team is getting the most from every lead – even in today’s competitive market.

Customer Service Programs

Your satisfied clients can be one of your biggest referrals for new business. However, if your clients are not pleased with your service, they may be negatively impacting your growth. Our comprehensive programs help your team recognize and respond to the needs of your clients, helping you become a service leader in your industry and attracting new business through your front door.

Specialty Training

From lead generation to providing great service, we have the training program you need:

  • Use public speaking to drive business to your front door.
  • Recruit the best people in your industry.
  • Bridge the generation gap!.  Help Boomers, GenX’ers or Millennials resonate with prospects and with each other.
  • DiSC Workplace and DiSC Sales training will help your sales, management and customer service teams understand and work better with others.

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