Mystery Shopping

Our competitive and mystery shops help companies obtain a better understanding of their marketplace and how their team functions in it. Our client validation surveys can offer a unique approach to how your customers really perceive your service.

Shopping the Competition

What are your competitors saying about their service? What are they saying about your service? What do they charge their clients? Do you have the market share you could have?

The only way to truly understand your market is to conduct a thorough market study. But this time-consuming task will pull resources from your core business competencies. Our competitor shops will give you a broader view of your market and let you know how your business stacks up. Our team will develop a customized survey to help you gain useful insight into these and other issues in your market.

Mystery Shops

How well does your own team stack up to the competition? You may be surprised. Our mystery shops provide a valuable tool to identify areas where your team can improve and to help you be sure that your message is being delivered the way you want it to be. We will design a survey to measure the issues on which you rate your team and provide unbiased feedback to help you focus your messaging and approach to clients and prospects.

Surveys and Satisfaction Assessments

Many things can impact your sales team’s performance. Did you know that one of your biggest potential referrals – existing clients – could also be one of your biggest deal killers? Service businesses do not have products, so prospects count on two things to make their decisions: what they experience and your reputation. Strong validation from existing clients will ensure continued referrals and priceless referrals.

What do your clients really think of your service? We will find out through our comprehensive satisfaction assessment and provide a report of existing strengths and opportunities for advancement.

Validation Shops for Franchisors

Our mystery-shopping franchise validation program we will give you an objective view of your system-wide validation in a clear and objective report to help you identify areas of strength and identify opportunities for improvement.

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