Animated Video

Animated Video

Animated Video: A Key Part of Your Marketing

Add interest to your website, boost your online visibility or drive traffic to your events.  Animated video presentations will breathe new life to your marketing efforts. Whether you have a service or product, if you are a in a business-to-business or business-to-consumer industry or have a ‘serious’ versus ‘fun’ product, animated video presentations can become a powerful part of your promotional mix.  Why?  It’s quite simple, everybody loves to watch a cartoon.

Check Out Our Animated Video Below:


Animated Video Improves Online Visibility

When you include animated video in your marketing efforts, you can improve your optimization and help people find you online.  Each video can be used to convey a separate message and can be optimized with keywords that are specific to your local market area.  We can create a different video for each key word or phrase that people use to find businesses like yours.  Google likes to include video in keyword searches and animated videos provide a visual treat in the middle of the page.  When people see an animated video in their searches, they are more likely to click and watch – helping you make sure that your message is getting out there.

When Should You Create an Animated Video?

We recommend using them for multiple messages.  You should have at least one video for each of your products or services.  Use and animated video to showcase a testimonial or to tell people about an event.  You can even create ‘how to’ animated videos to help people understand how to use your product or solve a problem.  The possibilities are endless.  In addition to placing them on your YouTube account, you can embed them in your website, use them on social media or place them in your blog posts to emphasize a point.  We will help you identify the best places for you to use your video as part of the animated video creation process.

Animated Video is an Easy and Affordable Option

Most marketing professionals will tell you that video is the way to go when you are trying to get quick online marketing results.  But creating videos with real people can be an expensive and time consuming task that many business avoid.  If you are not comfortable or natural in front of a video camera, the results can be flat.  Hiring actors can be expensive and limit the number of videos that you make.  And of course you need to worry about lighting, background noise and visual settings.  Even when you get all of that right, hiring a crew to film, edit and produce your video will push the price even higher.  And, while ‘do it yourself’ videos are an option, they often don’t look professional and are time consuming projects that take you away from important areas in your business.

An animated video eliminates all of that mess and bother.  They are a cost effective option and can be produced quickly so that you can have more relevant content for your prospects.

How to Get Animated Video in Your Marketing Mix

You can create them yourself and while this seems like an affordable option, you will spend time finding the right software and learning how to use it effectively.  Then you need to create your message, choose the best characters or props and pick music or voice over that will be effective.  Doing it yourself will cost you time and money and take you away from running your business.

Or, you can use our creative team to help you.  Our process is simple and fast.  We begin with a brief conversation to understand your needs.  Next, we will create scripts that you approve.  Then, the creative process begins.  We will bring your script to life with upbeat music and fun characters that help you to tell your story.  When your video is complete, we will help you identify keywords and create a description that will help people find your animated video – and you.  Finally, we can load the video to YouTube for you or provide a high definition video for your web designer or creative team.

Get Your Animated Video Now

Just give us a call at 484.632.4183  or complete the contact us form now.  We will reach out to you for a free consultation and to help you decide which of our package options is best for you.  Whether you want one animated video or ten, we have an option that fits your needs.

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