Sales Training

Our Sales Training and Coaching Help You Turn Prospects into Clients

Give your sales team and your business the edge you need to convert more prospects into paying clients with our Sales Training and Coaching Programs.  Our sales training can be brought on-site to your company or on-line to your sales team’s desktop.  Reinforce training with our ongoing coaching programs.

Our Sales Training Process

One of the best secrets to success is having a firm understanding of the best way to do the job. In many companies, we often find highly motivated sales teams who have never received any formal sales training.  These sales representatives often perform well when the market is strong, but struggle when times are tough.  We find that with the right sales training and coaching, we help these sales professionals improve results and meet sales goals.

One of Fairfield Business Solutions’ core competencies is the ability to bring this type of learning to an organization in a manner that is enjoyable, effective and affordable.

On Site Sales Training

Fairfield Business Solutions brings our experienced  trainers to you in these interactive sales training workshops conducted on-site at your location. Our trainers are experienced in how adults learn and are able to provide training on a general topic or customize the topic to fit your specific needs. Contact Fairfield Business Solutions to learn more about the variety of topics we offer.


Remote learning is a cost effective way to provide education to your entire team at a time that suits them. Click here to see some of the workshops that are available today. Contact Fairfield Business Solutions for our complete webinar schedule or to schedule a webinar that is customized to meet your needs. 

Guest Speakers

Does your organization offer conferences or retreats for your team? Guest speakers are often used at larger events. Whether planning an event for fifty or for 500, we can customize our topics and presentations to meet your organization’s unique needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Does your sales training Work?

A variety of recent studies show that full time sales people, on average, spend about 40% of their time actually selling.  Some may spend as little as 9% of their week engaged in selling activities. And when they are selling, they are often uncomfortable with critical components of the sales process, like conducting enough discovery or overcoming objections. At the same time, the Association of Sales Executives conducted a study that showed that 81% of all sales happen on or after the fifth contact.   We will help you to establish metrics on call-outs and follow-ups to ensure that you are maximizing the potential for each lead in your pipeline.  We will educate your team on how to move prospects through the pipeline and overcome today’s challenging objections.  Finally, we can help your team establish a sales process to build better relationships and close more deals.

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