Senior Living Mystery Shopping

Our Senior Living Mystery Shopping Program Will Help You Improve Sales and Reach Occupancy Goals

Selling senior living communities in today’s environment is challenging.  With tighter budgets, aging communities and increased competition, many communities have stepped up their marketing efforts. In many areas, this has left a pool of tired prospects who are choosier, savvier and more inclined to shop and analyze multiple communities and challenge your sales team with their findings.

Our senior living mystery shopping program gives you a better understanding of competitor communities and provides valuable insight into the performance of your senior living sales team.

Our experienced mystery shoppers will reach out to competitor communities or to your own team to give you an objective and comprehensive view of how your team and your offering compares.  We provide an in-depth analysis and recommendations so that you can position yourself for future success.

How Senior Living Mystery Shopping Helps You Navigate the Competitive Landscape

Learn what competitor communities are telling their prospects and yours.  From how they market and position themselves to price per square foot – we can give you the information that your sales team needs to bring added value to your offering.

Our senior living mystery shopping team will give you the view on the competition from the prospect’s perspective.  Would you like to know how well their community shows? Are you wondering if their sales team is strong and does a better job overcoming objections?  Do they market against you – either directly or indirectly?  Our mystery shoppers give you the answers you need, plus added professional insight into their impressions of your competition.

How Senior Living Mystery Shopping Strengthens Your Sales Team

The Senior Living Mystery Shoppingability of the sales team to meet its goals often has nothing to do with the age of the community, the number of amenities or the beauty of the surroundings.  Instead, the key factor lies in the ability of the sales team to connect with prospects, position their offering, overcome sales objections and lead the prospect to a close.

Many of our senior living mystery shopping projects reveal that while friendly and engaging, the senior living sales team could be more effective by making a few, simple tweaks to their sales process that include:

  • Establishing initial rapport with prospects
  • Engaging prospects in effective discovery
  • Understanding and discussing pain points
  • Establishing correctly sequenced tour paths
  • The ability to answer questions and overcome objections
  • Demonstrating the value of the offering and the benefits to the prospect
  • Moving the prospect to the next step in the sales process

That’s why we include an in-depth analysis and recommendations, followed by a coaching call with you and your team.  We will take you through every step of the process based on our shoppers experience and make recommendations to help your team bring their performance to the next level.

Our Senior Living Mystery Shopping Process

During the senior living mystery shopping process, our shoppers capture detailed information on each step in the sales process from the prospect’s perspective:

  • Initial telephone conversations with the front line staff and the sales team
  • The ability of the sales team to qualify prospects
  • How well the sales team moves the prospect through each step in the sales process
  • The prospect visit, including initial discovery, the tour process and closing procedures
  • Follow-up after the visit

Next, the shoppers deliver a detailed report that reflect their experience and impressions.  The shopper is then debriefed so that we can deliver you a comprehensive report, analysis and recommendations.

Take the Next Step:  Order Senior Living Mystery Shop for Your Community

If you would like your community to establish and maintain the competitive edge that you need in today’s climate, contact us now to order your mystery shop or simply learn more.  We always customize our shops to meet your specific needs, so we encourage you to call today to learn how we can help your community succeed.


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