Regular surveys of your franchisees provide feedback, baseline metrics and a fantastic sales tool for your franchise development team.  Many franchisors will try to do this on their own, but often the results are misleading or inconclusive. Combine our survey tool with our Validation Mystery Shop and you will never need to guess what your franchisees are thinking.


Franchisees may be reluctant to provide honest feedback if they believe that their responses can be traced back to them. As a third party, Fairfield Business Solutions can collect information from your franchisees in a confidential and secure environment, while giving you the information that you need to strengthen your system.


Asking the right questions will help to increase your response rate and get you the data that you need.  Each survey tool is custom designed to fit your system.  We will work with you to determine the data that you need and provide a tool with information you can use.

Ease of Use

Our surveys offer a layout and design that is easy to use and guarantees confidentiality. Online surveys permit respondents to complete the survey at a time that is convenient for them. And, we offer the option of letting respondents complete the survey verbally.

Publish Your Results

Franchisees will respond much more quickly if they know that they will get to see the results. We will provide the data to you in a comprehensive report with easy-to-read charts. You can share your data electronically or in our complementary, branded power point at a webinar or during a conference.

A Marketing Tool

Are your results positive?  Then share them with franchise candidates.  Choose all or some of the results and post them on your website or use the statistics in a marketing tool.

Learning from the Data

Conducting an initial survey will give you a baseline to measure your performance against franchisee expectations.  Conduct annual or quarterly surveys to see how your results improve over time. Surveys are a phenomenal tool for providing immediate feedback and ideas that will improve your offering system-wide.

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