Strong validation is the key to successful franchise development.  Happy franchisees refer new franchisees to you and are your best advocates when a potential franchisee is interested your offering.  However, the comments a franchisee makes during a validation call may inadvertently sink the whole deal.

Pick up any franchising magazine and you will find an article that speaks to potential franchisees about the importance of franchisee validation.  In a poor economy, franchise candidates are encouraged to take this step to heart.  Potential franchisees are told that if the franchisees in an established franchise system are not doing well, pass on this opportunity and look for another.

So, in actuality, how well do your franchisees validate your system?  You might have done a survey with franchisees who tell you that they would refer your opportunity to friends or family members, that they are happy with your support and that they would do this all over again.  But what are they saying to your prospects?

Let’s take a look at what some happy franchisees told prospects:

“Sure, I would do this again when I opened my first office.  But today, I don’t know.  There is a lot more competition out there today than there was when I first started.”

“It’s a great opportunity, but make sure you have a lot of energy. I worked about 120 hours a week when I first started! Don’t worry though, you can cut back to an 80 hour week after the first year or so.”

“Yes, I make a lot of money now.  But don’t plan to make anything for the first year or two.  Even if you are really successful, you will need to invest the money you earn back into the business.  I didn’t start taking a salary until year three.”

All of these franchisees gave great reviews of the company on surveys and all of these statements were well-intentioned.  Unfortunately, they did not align with the message that the sales team was giving.

So, how do you know what your franchisees are actually saying?

You might have franchisees who agree to talk to your prospects and who promise to validate positively.  You might even sit in on some of those calls.  But a smart prospect will call other franchisees when you are not on the call.  And you don’t know what those conversations sound like.
We can help.  We will make those calls for you.  Our Mystery Shopping Program can be as comprehensive as you like.  We will:

  • Meet with your franchise sales team
  • Develop a list of validation questions
  • Call your franchisees to hear what they actually say
  • Compile a comprehensive report for you to help you identify areas where your messages is not in alignment with franchisee validation.
  • Provide recommendations on bridging the gap.

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