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On Site Workshops and On-line Webinars Keep Your Team Fresh and Motivated



Whether you are planning your next annual conference for your franchise system, corporate event for your group or simply want your team members to sharpen their skills, we have a topic and a solution for you.  OR – bring our workshops directly to your desktop with our on-line webinars.  All of our workshops are designed to cater to the needs of the adult learner.  This means that each workshop is designed to be an interactive experience that will captivate your group, provide solutions that can be implemented immediately and motivate them to take action.

Below is a sampling of the many workshops that are available for your group.  All topics can be customized for content and tailored to fit the unique needs of your organization.  We will also develop a custom presentation, just for you.  Each presentation can be flexed to fit a variety of time frames – from 30 minutes to full-day workshops.  We simply adjust the amount of content to fit your organization’s individual needs.

Sales Training Workshops

Training sales teams is one of our core competencies.  We have a vast array of workshops that cover the entire sales process and will customize each workshop for your industry.  A sampling of our sales workshops includes:  Effective Prospecting (Getting Out Your Front Door and Hitting the Pavement), Getting Past the Gatekeeper (Getting into Your Prospects’ Front Door), Rapport Building (Helping Prospects Know, Like and Trust You), Dynamic Discovery (Identifying the Specific Needs and Pain Points of your Prospects), Why You Need Objections to Close the Sale (and Learning to Love Them), Effective Closes, Critical Follow-up and How to Measure Results.

This series of workshops and webinars will help your sales team learn every aspect of selling.  In addition, we can help you develop an industry-specific sales process to achieve more predictable results.  Mix and match the topics that your team needs or focus on one aspect of the selling process.

Marketing Workshops

Our Marketing Workshops provide straightforward and cost-effective techniques to help your business grow.  Learn insider techniques that you can apply yourself.  These workshops are perfect for industry organizations, business networking events or franchise conferences, where attendees will have actionable take-aways that can be implemented immediately.  A sampling of our marketing workshops includes: From Hugs and Handshakes to Texts and Tweets (or How to Use Social Media to Mirror and Enhance Real-World Networking), Using YouTube (to Get Found Online), Lovin’ Linked-In (Master the Techniques of the World’s Best Business Social Media Platform), Crossing the Generational Divide (Tailor Your Marketing Message to Reach Your Generational Target Audience), Using Speaking Engagements to Drive Business to Your Front Door.

Workshops to Help You Grow From the Inside

The best sales and marketing will not make up for average service, poor hiring choices or mediocre leadership.  This series of workshops focuses on creating a world-class organization that will grow as a result of strong leadership and client referrals.  A sampling of our growth workshops includes: DiSC Training (Learn Behavioral Styles and Preferences of Prospects and Co-Workers to Build Better Relationships), Creating Service-Driven Teams (Turn your entire organization into a sales team that is focused on meeting the needs of your customers), Turning the Toughest Customers into Devoted Clients (Turn Angry Customers Into Company Advocates), Interviewing Techniques (A great organization starts with the right people.  Learn Predictive Interviewing Techniques), Leadership Survival Course (Turn Managers into Leaders and Create Productive, Empowered Employees), Training the Trainer (Adult Learning Techniques to ensure that learning occurs in a creative, exciting and enjoyable manner).




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