You ExSell!

Eight-Step Sales Training Platform

You ExSellYou ExSell! is a sales training program that is conducted in a series of eight, 60-90 minute webinars.  This interactive program is customized to your industry and will boost the sales performance of your external outreach team  and your Internal front-line team.

Proven sales techniques help you out-perform competitors and increase sales competencies.

Process | Productivity | Performance

Does your organization have an effective sales process in place? Does your sales team understand and adhere to it? We can work with your team to implement a structured process that will increase consistency in your sales results.

Is your team making enough calls to impact bottom-line results or do they get caught up in other activities? We can help you set appropriate standards for leads contacted on a daily or weekly basis to ensure the results you desire.

Is your sales team effective? Are they able to engage leads, listen effectively, present appropriately and overcome the difficult objections that organizations are facing in today’s economy? While the methods that brought you to where you are now may have been effective three to five years ago, today’s tough economy calls for new selling skills. Our team can deliver proven techniques that work in our current environment and effectively teach these new competencies to your team.

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